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Alabama was long thought to actually mean "Here We tend to Rest"; a nice fit for southern vogue.

The "Island of California" could be a fictional island from a 16th century novel, Las Sergas de Esplandián (The Adventures of Esplandián) by Garcia Ordonez de Montalvo, that galvanized Spanish explorers like Hernan Cortes, who mistook discovering the California peninsula for the mythic island.

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For an award that began in 1917, Fiorello! The British did get their claim on another Southern state though, and this one was named for the Virgin Queen of England, Elizabeth I.

I created an arrangement for an audition, however, the day before I was supposed to point out up, I got a call from the producer, telling me the group had cancelled the production as a result of not enough men had expressed an interest in trying out for it.

Let's not decision him a sanitation engineer-this story is about within the Nineteen Fifties.

No, I was not a performer.

His monologue concerning how he met his friend, Harvey, is a classic and, to this day, a favourite among auditioning actors.

Utah's state name is typically said to be a self reference from the Ute tribe, or also "folks of the mountains." Yet another origin has return forth as a Western Apache word for "high." Though, it's the Ute tribe that inhabited Utah, and the Western Apache were principally in what's now, Arizona.

As the teacher, I had to try and do the "casting." For each character-even the leads-I had to try and do a little coaxing to get a volunteer.

Did not anybody ever tell those other individuals that the show should persist? As I mentioned in an earlier essay, I once saw a Hallmark Hall of Fame production of this play, that includes the proficient and convincing Paul Ford (Sgt.

Oh, by the means, let me just throw during a quick note concerning the ravages of inflation, particularly as it applies to the Broadway stage.

He created a black character who had no relevance whatsoever to the story, however simply showed up now and again to harangue the audience with massive doses of white guilt.

The warm and light characters are simple enough to like, but, so well-written is this play, the crusty and irascible ones are too.

I'm sure there can be a lot of versions forthcoming, and, to that finish, let me note that the primary time I saw David Hyde Pierce (in an exceedingly short-lived sitcom called "The Powers that Be"), I said to myself, "Why, it's Elwood P.

Although the play has some serious undertones regarding the means our society treats the eccentric among us, it is a very witty tale of how a person and his imaginary friend cope with the folks around them, a number of whom profess to like him, but none of whom have an easy time understanding him.

The state of Minnesota takes its name from the River's cloudy complexion, translated from Dakota (the Lakota language of the Sioux family) as "mini" that means water, and "sota", which means that smoky-white", or "like the cloudy sky." Following suit, the Mississippi River graced the state of Mississippi with its name, which is an Ojibwe word, "misi-ziibi", for "Nice River." Perhaps the Missouri Tribe of the Siouan family was a bit a lot of industrious, as their territory wasn't simply named when the Missouri River, except for the canoes that floated upon them.

Arriving in New York City with four cents in his pocket, Tesla found work with Thomas Edison in New Jersey.

I've been known to use it myself.

Although I think this show pales as compared to the one I listed simply before, it still isn't without its merits.

Ultimately, finding the true origin of Oregon's name has been fishy business for historians.

It has a lot of commonly been referred to as the interpretation for "mainland." The particular Aleut word is "alaxsxaq", and it is the Russian pronunciation that survived into the English language once the U.S.

Just southeast of the Rockies is that the sprawling plains of Nebraska, that is additionally named for one of the U.S.'s rivers, the Platte River.

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